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Our organic wines

Low sulfite organic bio traditional wines  
Montespertoli Florence Tuscany

Vinum Rosso IGT

15,00 € each

Rosso di Toscana I.G.T.
Wine approved organic
From Pugnitello grapes
Fermented in chestnut vat.
Aged in chestnut vat.
Harvest: beginning of October
Vineyard altitude: 250 meters above sea level Age of vineyards: 15 years old

Soil: Alberese and Pleistocenic clay Average yield: 5,000 liters per hectar Production 600 bottles per year
No herbicides or pesticides are used in the vineyard.

Fertilized with organic fertilizers. Non filtered.
Sulphites are not usually added. No animal products are used.

Bottles of 0,75 l.


Rosso di Toscana I.G.T. Vino approvato biologico
Vinificato da uve Pugnitello.
Fermentato in botti di castagno
Stagionato in caratelli di castagno.
Raccolta: inizio ottobre
Altitudine vigne: 250 m.s.l.m.
Età vigne: da 15 anni
Suolo: Alberese e Sabbie-Argille Pleistoceniche Resa ettaro: 5000 litri
Produzione 600 bottiglie annue
Non sono usati erbicidi o pesticidi
I fertilizzanti sono di origine naturale

Nel vino non vengono aggiunti solfiti di solito.
No prodotti animali.
Il vino non è filtrato.

Bottiglie di 0,75 l.


Shipping costs

Minimum order is 6 bottles.

6 bottles:
shipping in Europe: € 31
shipping America&Canada: € 80

up to 12 bottles:
Europe € 41
America & Canada: € 115

up to 24 bottles:
Europe € 82;
America & Canada: € 230

For other parts of the world or higher quantities, please contact us.

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Podere Gualandi

The winery and residence of the Gualandi family uses 90% renewable energy sources and is working to get closer to 100% in the next 2 years. Electricity is generated from photovoltaic panels.
Rain water is kept underground and used for watering on the farm.
Hot water is generated by solar panels and heating by the branches from the pruning of olive trees.
The use of tractors is minimized and most tasks are done by hand.
The farm was registered organic in 2008
(certified by ICEA).