One taste is all it takes to realize that Guido Gualandi’s wine is the fruit of personal passion. He combines traditional Tuscan wine-making techniques, the ones that others have left behind for more industrial production methods, with a modern understanding of the wine-making process to produce a variety of unique wines.

The result of thorough research, hard work and dedication, these new wines offer hints of the past to the palate. Produced without the use of modern machinery, leaving aside industrial methods, these wines’ roots reach back centuries to Tuscany’s past.

Unlike current wines, which are made following modern canons of wine-making and too often result in similar flavors produced all over the world, Gualandi seeks to offer you a genuine taste experience that remains faithful to the tradition of the land, the vineyards and the grapes that grow there. Guido specialises in old Tuscan grape variety such as Foglia Tonda, Pugnitello and old variety of Sangiovese such as the “abrusco”. Those grape varieties were abandoned more than a century ago but thanks to the University of Florence they have been re-discovered.

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